EcoLayers 2.0

Integrating Water Quality, Water Resources and Land Use

Ecolayers 2.0 is an enterprise-class hosted software service platform for content aggregation, analysis and integration of a stakeholder's activities across organizations, watersheds, jurisdictions and water bodies over any geographic scale. Ecolayers 2.0 will help its users to make better decisions and bridge the disconnects between:
  1. Departmental and information "silos" for planning, monitoring, operations and compliance
  2. A permittee and the multiple regulatory agencies and consultants it must interface with regularly
  3. Inter-dependent stakeholders who wish to pursue collaborative, integrated strategies to better meet their own goals and shared goals (e.g., TMDLS, shared water resources)
  4. Regulatory agencies, wastewater facilities, municipalities, watershed councils or NGOs and their served constituencies, particulary the public
The benefits are lower costs, lower regulatory risks, improved security and sustainable outcomes.

For more information, please contact:
Ecolayers, Inc.
Phone : +1858 780 9415



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